Digitalis 'Illumination Raspberry Improved' (Illumination Series) (Foxglove 'Illumination Raspberry Improved') will reach a height of 0.9m and a spread of 0.45m after 1-2 years. Suggested uses. Beds and borders, Cottage/Informal, Low Maintenance, Wildflower, Wildlife, Woodland. Cultivation. Plant in almost any soil or situation except very wet or very dry.


1 Mar 2017 Illumination Series and an upsurge of introductions raspberry coloured flowers heavily speckled with pseudogeneric name of Digiplexis.

Bulk Offer. Any 3 perennials or grasses in Digiplexis ® ® ILLUMINATION Flame Cultivaris tags are required with liner purchase (30% of actual size) ILLUMINATION Raspberry Berry Canary. Created Date: Available for CURBSIDE PICK UP ONLY. These items cannot be shipped.

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10 Jul 2015 Digipexis 'Illumination Raspberry' is one of the new intergeneric crosses They are called digiplexis, an intergeneric cross between digitalis 

This outstanding hybrid is the result of breeding between Digitalis (Foxglove) and a Digitalis relative from the Canary Islands, Isoplexis. Digiplexis Illumination 'Raspberry' - Great container plant - Sterile plants which give them a long bloom season (may - october) - An intergeneric cross between Digitalis and Isoplexis - Pinch not needed but will encourage better branching Breeders rights / Patent EUA/PAF ‘Illumination Raspberry’ has a digitalis-like look but with a strong branching habit.

Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry Improved. $10.95. Contains: 1 rooted starter Digiplexis plant grown in a 3 in. deep pot. Botanical Name: Digiplexis® 'Illumination® Raspberry Improved' Exposure: Partial Sun. Hardiness: Zones 8-10

'Illumination Raspberry' is a compact and well-branched sterile perennial with dark green foliage and a succession of sturdy vertical flower stems. Interesting flowers have raspberry-pink petals with hot pink and orange centers. Spectacular addition to borders or woodland gardens. Good cut flowers for patio or indoor arrangements. Digiplexis ‘Illumination Flame’ This new, exciting introduction to the gardening world will knock your socks off! A cross between common garden foxglove and perennial Isoplexis canariensis, this sterile hybrid doesn't make seed but instead puts all that energy into blooming non-stop Spring thru Fall! Digitalis 'Illumination Raspberry' is a stunning addition to the Illumination Foxglove range with it's beautifully tropical raspberry pink open-mouthed blooms.

Digiplexis illumination raspberry

Gardener's XL Stake Tag SIZE (W X H) 1.9500" x 6.0000" DRAWING NUMBER.
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The resultant selected plants make up this new combined family, the Digiplexis Illumination series.

Digiplexis 'Illumination Raspberry' An evergreen perennial that forms magnificent flower spikes, which emerge from a central stalk of whorled, dark green leaves. Flared, bell-shaped flowers are raspberry-pink with creamy-orange throats. Attracts pollinators throughout their long bloom season from summer through fall. Ce Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry est bien une plante vivace, et non une bisannuelle.
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In addition to Illumination ‘Flame’, we’ll also be carrying one called ‘Raspberry’ later in the season. This was an addition to a local grower’s order that was unexpected, so, of course, we’ll have to try it as well! Photo Courtesy Thompson & Morgan

I've never planted anything in my life before but now I have Digiplexis ' Illumination Flame' around the house. I'm in Zone 8 (Marysville WA) and want to know  Digiplexis Illumination™ 'Raspberry'.

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Digiplexis 'Raspberry' Foxglove Masses of raspberry-pink flowers from early summer until autumn. Dark purple stems and dark green leaves. Height to 90cm, spread to 45cm CAUTION toxic if eaten.

Use them in commercial designs under lifetime Digiplexis was first introduced in 2013 and received many awards in its first year. About: Digiplexis is loved for its exotic, bright and almost rainbow-coloured flowers that appear on tall flower spikes in summer and autumn, much longer than your typical foxglove and has a bushy habit. DIGIPLEXIS Illumination 'Raspberry' (#DIGRAS4 - MR13) DIGIPLEXIS Illumination 'Raspberry' Digiplexis Raspberry-CS.jpg. Perennial: Drought tolerant, deer & gopher resistant. Bell-shaped flowers on tall flower stalks, loved by bees, butterflies & hummers. Cross between Digitalis & Isoplexis.