Addtech är en svensk, börsnoterad teknikhandelskoncern med en lång historik av uthållig, lönsam tillväxt. Vi förvärvar, äger och utvecklar självständiga dotterbolag som skapar tekniska, ekonomiska och hållbara mervärden för såväl kunder som leverantörer.


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Addtech acquires Impact Air Systems Ltd and Impact Technical Services Ltd (Cision). 2021-01-22 11:30. Addtech Industrial Process, a business area in  André Sandin. Helping Addtech subsidiaries to improve their digital sales and marketing. Addtech ABBerghs School of Communication. Stockholmsområdet  Addtech is a technology trading group that provides technological and Addtech förvärvar Impact Air Systems Ltd och Impact Technical Services Ltd  Addtech B. ISIN SE0014781795; Trading.

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Addtech är en svensk börsnoterad teknikhandelskoncern. Verksamheten består av drygt 130 självständiga bolag som säljer högteknologiska produkter och lösningar till kunder inom framför allt tillverkande industri och infrastruktur i ca 20 länder. Addtech skapar optimala förutsättningar för dotterbolagens lönsamhet och tillväxt. We are a local family owned business with strong ties to the Townsville community. Our attention to detail will satisfy all. Dean has extensive knowledge and experience from installing high tech systems all up and down the east coast of Australia. Addtech is a Swedish publicly listed technology trading group.

SERVICE - CALIBRATION. Minimum downtime for all your instruments throughout their entire working life. Take a maintenance contract with Addtech Petroleum and relax with the thought that you are in experts’ hands. Our highly trained personnel will keep your instruments running trouble free and properly calibrated day in, day out.

Verksamhet. Energy fokuserar på marknaderna för elkraftdistribution och elinstallation samt produkter och lösningar inom elsäkerhet, energieffektiviseringar och förbindningsteknik. Ett flertal bolag har förutom handel även egen tillverkning av nischprodukter under egna varumärken.

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DryShips, an owner of drybulk carriers and offshore support  28 Feb 2020 owned (100%) subsidiary of Addtech. The acquisition will allow the stronger future development of Caligo Industria and support its broader  Add-Tech Solutions LLC Tutoring and Services program. Get in touch. +00 123  23 Aug 2018 Addtech Energy, a business area in the Addtech Group, has signed an agreement to acquire all shares outstanding in Prisma Teknik AB and  25 Aug 2020 Movetec is part of the international Addtech Group, which includes more especially in industry as well as information and service professions. Watch this video to learn about Tech Coach, a service that provides personalized technical support from experts. Call, chat or use the app to get assistance.

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In a shorter-term perspective, Addtech’s growth and profitability are closely linked to economic trends in industry and the economic situation in our markets.
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Request services – RSS Channel – HP Hero Clinging to power, the embattled New York governor turned himself into the victim Friday in the face of … AddTech Sales & Services, Inc. was established in March 2001, and was duly registered as a trading company in May 21, 2001 at the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. In March 2003, it was renamed to “Additional Technics Sales & Services, Inc.” and “AddTech” remained as its short name. Addtech’s overall goal is to operate a sustainable business. Addtech aims to meet the sustainability requirements and expectations set by customers, shareholders and employees. The Group’s sustainability work involves Addtech taking long-term responsibility for the sustainable development of employees, the environment and profitability.

Addtech acquires Impact Air Systems Ltd and Impact Technical Services Ltd (Cision). 2021-01-22 11:30.
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2020-05-13 · Teknikhandelskoncernen Addtech avslutade sitt brutna räkenskapsår med att slå analytikernas förväntningar. Rapporten fick marknaden att reagera och under onsdagen har aktien stigit knappt 10 procent.

Addtech har policys och instruktioner för att identifiera avvikelser som skulle kunna utvecklas till risker. Addtech: Delårsrapport Q3 1 april - 31 december 2020: Tillbaka till översiktssidan.

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Addtech comprises over 130 subsidiaries. Addtech works actively to utilise the organisation as efficiently as possible and its companies cooperate to varying degrees with one another. The organisation is structured into five business areas: Automation. Components. …

För Addtechs del innebär förvärvet att affärsområdet Addtech Energy bygger en starkare position inom underhåll, service och prestandahöjning av elanläggningar inom järnvägs-, vattenkraft-, industri- och eldistributionssystem. Krister Karlsson, VD. Frågor besvara av Krister Karlsson, VD, 070-527 71 93 Addtech Industrial Process, a business area in the Addtech Group, has on 21 January signed an agreement to acquire 100 % of the shares in Impact Air Systems Ltd Addtech acquires Impact Air Systems Ltd and Impact Technical Services Ltd | Placera Addtech's 2019/2020 Annual Report is now published. The annual report can be read directly online or be downloaded as a PDF file, both at The printed version will be distributed to all who have ordered it in late July. Addtech verkar inom valda nischer på marknaden för högteknologiska produkter och lösningar.