Nature's resources when you see the consumption and emission figures too: 539g/km CO2 and 12.2mpg on the official combined cycle.


If you know the license plate number of the car, please specify it here. Twingo Zen SCe 75, Energiklasse A+, 18,9 km/l, 117 g/km CO2.

Volkwagen e-up! electric car showcased at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show 2017. The indicator is defined as the average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per km by new passenger cars in a given year. The reported emissions are based on type-approval and can deviate from the actual CO2 emissions of new cars. 4.2.

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Car carbon footprint calculator. You can enter details for up to 2 cars. Mileage: * * Choose vehicle: Or enter efficiency: * * Total Car Footprint = 0.00 metric tons Efforts to improve the fuel efficiency of new cars are also slowing. After a steady decline, newly registered cars emitted on average 0.4 grammes of CO2 per kilometre more in 2017 than the year before. To curb the trend, the EU is introducing new CO2 emission targets, which aim to cut harmful emissions from new cars and vans. MEPs adopted the new rules during the plenary session on 27 March.

This meant that cars with the lowest emissions (up to 10 g/km) would be exempt from road tax, whilst cars that emit the highest amount of emissions (over 225 g/km) would pay £515 annually. The other major change was that cars will pay a different amount for their first-year, meaning that if your car emits less than 130 g/km of CO2 emissions, you won’t pay any VED until the second year.

2015. 2020.

vehicle types (cars fueled by diesel or petrol and trucks with and without The model simulates the CO2, SO2, fuel consumption, HC / VOC, CO, NOx, NO2 and exhaust För personbilar mäts emissionerna i g/km och för lastbilar i g/kWh.

emissions per km driven, but some studies overwrite these values with NEDC values (van Loon  CO2 emissions of the B-Class Electric Drive compared with the B 180 The 132 kW B Class Electric Drive has a range of some 200 km (124 miles).

Co2 km car

In order to combust this carbon to CO2, 1939 grammes of oxygen is needed.
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Detaljerad sökning. Miljö Välj koldioxidutsläpp (co2, g/km). Från {{value.

CUPRA Leon 5D och Leon SP (245 hk) har en räckvidd på el på upp till 52 km. Kör utsläppsfritt  Wide range of car options available – economy, luxury, family-sized cars and 100 km från 374 kr/dygn samt överkm 2,16 kr/km. Toyota Aygo CO2 95 g/km.
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The amount of CO2 a car emits into the atmosphere is measured in grams per kilometre - often shortened to g/km - and is considered to be an indication of how kind a car is to the environment. Every car that makes its way off of the production is required to undergo a standard laboratory test (WLTP) , which calculates the density of its carbon dioxide emissions.

siffror 36 gram co2/km, 62 km elräckvidd och en blandad förbrukning om 0,16 l/mil. R 749 000 Jaguar XF 20d R-Sport Used Car 2020 5 500 km Automatic. kan accelerera från 0 till 100 km / h på 8,0 sekunder med CO2-utsläpp från 137 g / km  The app stores the user's cycling trips and converts the distance into CO2 emissions saved.

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By car: 0.88 kg CO2 Walking: 0.039 kg CO2 Riding a bike: 0.017 kg CO2. While the numbers aren’t exact, the large factor – 20 or more, is probably close. Walking or riding a bicycle does reduce the production of CO2 relative to driving. And – these modes of transportation provide healthful exercise as well!

In the car registration document in the data supplied by the manufacturer, you can find the data on emissions of anhydrite carbon dioxide (CO 2) in grams per kilometer produced, expressed in (g/km), these are referred to the combined cycle , the real value depends on the type of use and your riding style.