17 Nov 2019 Swedish definitely has a plentitude of ways to call someone stupid. A lot more than it's got invectives for rude, respectless, or evil people, or the 


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So does my other Swedish friends. Swedes have a rather dry and sarcastic humour and we are also quite reserved which may be why you find them cold??? Rude people are everywhere but I don't think you need to tell me all my countrymen are unpleasant people. In other places, no words are exchanged at all and it’s not intended, or perceived as, rude. So why do Norwegians hate Swedes and Danes? Actually they don’t hate them at all.

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So why do Norwegians hate Swedes and Danes? Actually they don’t hate them at all. Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes all get along very well. Perceived tension may be due to competition and rivalry that is not hate-based. I found the Swedish people elitist, racist, extremely rude and so uptight.

13 Aug 2017 I went so often that if the 7pm movie was bad, I would just pay to see another one at 9pm to wash my memory I mean, heck. When I asked Christine, my Swedish partner, why people do that here, she replied with a shru

(Can you speak more  Swedes led by Sten Sture the younger. At Rude Kulle the Danes had taken up their position and set up camp. Sten Sture and his men attacked, but he was so  It hits me that Swedes abroad are so rude and bad mannered some times. The teachers at Grange Campus have made so many sacrifices to make our stay as  Excrement bases words are also common.

Why Is Sweden So Good at Pop Music? In May of 2012, half of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 were written or produced by Swedes.

03 of 15. They tend to brag about when they are better informed about something than you are.

Why are swedes so rude

They switch partners with little guilt and see sex as a natural part of life.
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Especially indians are very nice and decent people.

Swedes claim that it's a concept, a way of life, a movement.
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It is also interesting to notice that while Swedish Conservatives are turning According to neo-liberal orthodoxy, these are the very things that are this year, that a social Europe doesn't necessarily need to mean that social 

So, remember, the Swedish word for apologizing is “förlåt”. This can be very confusing, but you probably won't hear enough Swedish to know This does not, however, mean that Swedes are rude, but the significance of  "jag älskar dig också" would mean "i love you too" as in "i love her, but i can also have a meaning that gets close to 'even' or in Swedish, till och med. So it can contain a nuance of opposition or that something is unexpected.

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I commented at a swedish song on youtube "i dont like his voice" and since then swed people curse on me and calling me names the hell is wrong with them?

Are Swedes rude? By svensk Posted on 2013/04/29 Posted in Swedish culture No Comments. I spent this past weekend in New York with two Swedish girlfriends. I flew from middle of nowhere/Alberta, Canada, and they came from middle of Sweden. So, the question then becomes “How do Swedes remain so contented, even while suffering through the “deep freeze?” Unless you’ve lived there, I think it would be difficult for an outsider, particularly an American, to understand why the Swedish results on the happiness scale make sense. If you think they are rude, go to Germany and find out rudeness.